Example 4 - Toggling Steepest Descent

In this example we will show you how to use the ‘steepest_descent’ toggle to create a deterministic simulation of the particle routing. When the ‘steepest_descent’ option is enabled, the random walk functionality is turned off and instead the particles move deterministically from cell to cell.

Full example script available here.

After initializing the parameters and particles in the same way as in Example 2 - Particles in Steady Flow (DeltaRCM), we need to change one of the default settings for the parameters class to turn on ‘steepest_descent’.

>>> params.steepest_descent = True

From here, we can continue as we did in Example 2 - Particles in Steady Flow (DeltaRCM).

>>> walk_data = steady_plots(particles, 50, 'steepest_descent_example')