Examples of the high-level API functionality are provided here. These examples range from simple particle routing with a flow field, to measuring exposure time distributions for particle transport in a specified region. If your use case extends beyond the scenarios explored in these examples, we recommend using the routines.py script to help you design your own functions based on the lower-level methods in particle_track.py.


To run Example 12 - Unsteady Flow Fields, you must be in the “examples” directory. Pathing to the data for that example is relative to the working directory and assumes you are in the “examples” directory.

Similarly, for Example 3 - Using the Built-In Animation Function, Example 7 - Drawing Particle Travel Paths (DeltaRCM), and Example 8 - Drawing Particle Travel Paths (ANUGA) these must be run from the same location (same directory) from which you ran the prerequisite example (e.g. Example 2 - Particles in Steady Flow (DeltaRCM) must be run before Example 3 - Using the Built-In Animation Function)

External Examples

Below are links to examples of dorado being used in other projects. If you have used dorado as part of your project and have an example or graphic hosted online, please let us know and we will add a link to it here.

Tides on a simple 2D field - an example of coupling dorado with Landlab.

Tides on a randomly vegetated field - another example of coupling dorado with Landlab.